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Specialized Machinery
We use best quality machinery like Union Special (USA), Pfaff (Germany), Singer (USA) and many more. each machine is specialized in specific task resulting in quick service with consistent quality.

Experienced in Premium
We handle thousands of premium brand from around the world since 2010, brands like Nudie Jeans (Sweden), Ksubi (Australia), True Religion (USA), April77 (France), Diesel (Italy), Massino Dutti (Spain), Iron Heart (Japan) and many more. All kind of premium jeans from dry to pre-distressed, lightweight to heavyweight, tapered leg to boot-cut leg.

High Quality Sewing Thread
We use best quality spun polyester thread in many colors and size to best replicate the original stitching also to accommodate your creativity to customize your own garment.

Lifetime Guarantee
Best quality and 100% satisfaction is our first priority, thats why we give all service guarantee without any time limit.

Fast Service, High Quality
Each service approximately takes 5-90 minutes without sacrificing quality, thanks to our semi-automatic machinery you can wait for any service you want and see how its done.

Free Shipping
We offer you free shipping to your place (jabodetabek area only) if the service took more time then we promise and you cant wait for your service in the studio.



Mesin Khusus
mengunakan mesin terbaik seperti Union Special (AS), Pfaff (Jerman), Singer (AS), Dll. Setiap mesin didesign khusus untuk setiap service sehingga kualitas konsisten, tanpa memakan waktu yang lama.

Berpengalaman Dengan Premium
Berpengalaman menangani ribuan jeans merek premium dari seluruh dunia sejak tahun 2010. Merek seperti Nudie Jeans, Ksubi, True Religion, Diesel, 7 for All Mankind, maupun jeans-jeans premium asal jepang seperti Iron Heart, Samurai, Flathead, Momotaro, PBJ, dll. Premium jeans sudah menjadi standard kualitas sejak awal berdiri.

Benang Jahit Berkualitas
menggunakan benang spun-polyester terbaik dalam berbagai warna dan ukuran untuk hasil jaitan terbaik seperti aslinya juga mengakomodasi kreativitas Anda untuk meng-custom sendiri.

Garansi Seumur Hidup
Kualitas maupun kepuasan akan hasil pekerjaan dijamin dan bergaransi tanpa batas waktu.

Layanan cepat, Kualitas Tinggi
Waktu pengerjaan 5-90 menit untuk setiap servisnya, tanpa mengorbankan kualitas, berkat Mesin semi-otomatis Anda bisa menunggu untuk layanan yang Anda inginkan sambil melihat prosesnya.

Gratis Pengiriman
Kami menawarkan pengiriman gratis ke tempat Anda (area jabodetabek saja) jika waktu pengerjaan lebih lama dari yang kami janjikan dan Anda tidak bisa menunggu.


Special Thread for Denim Repair

We use special thread to repair denim - Indigo Dyed Cotton Wrapped, Polyester Core Thread imported from the USA. To make sure the feel and look are as close as possible to the actual denim, the indigo dyed cotton wrapped also make sure that it will fade similarly to the denim.


Union Special 35800

New to our top quality vintage heavy machinery collection is Union Special 35800DN. Feed Off The Arm, 3 Needle, Chainstitch Machine. Made in USA.

the 35800 series firstly introduced by Union Special in late 60's. Used in many US top domestic manufacturer facilities at that time. Facilities that produced legendary brand such as levis, lee and wrangler as well as in many top quality manufacturer around the world to this days.

This machine producing a beautiful felledseam with either double or triple neddle chainstitch. its feed-off-the arm shape makes it possible to felled both side of seams on the leg (inseam & outseam) of jeans or trousers, if necessarily.

Sample Stitch:

Top Side

Bottom Side

in Batavia Jeans Studio, 
We are particular about Our Machines